What’s your dream Race?

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How can you understand if you’re… getting faster, enhancing speed intervals, able to run longer, making development towards the things that are essential to you  – if you don’t have particular methods to determine it?

What’s your dream half marathon or marathon race?

Today we’re speaking about your dream race! ما هذا؟

Is there a half marathon or marathon somewhere amazing that is on your list?

Do you have a hometown race that is ideal as well as your favorite?

If money was no item – what race would you like to do?

My dream race is:

Well, my dream race isn’t one race – I’d like to run the 6 major Marathons aka Abbott world Marathon Majors. They are the 6 most significant as well as many prominent marathons in the world. The races include:

New York City Marathon

Boston Marathon

Chicago Marathon

London Marathon

Tokyo Marathon

Berlin Marathon

I’ve already run nyc as well as Boston. My friend’s running group did the Berlin Marathon a while back as well as it seems amazing – as well as it’s very flat. to ensure that went on my listing a few years ago.

I want to go to Japan as well as I like traveling for races so Tokyo has been on the listing too!

London would be amazing! as well as certainly I’ve wished to run Chicago because I went to there years back as well as tried deep meal pizza for the very first time. Oh, I’ve likewise heard it’s flat.

So my very first dream race is the staying 4 world major Marathons – Tokyo, Berlin, Chicago, London.

#abbottwmm #marathontours

And if I might pick a second dream race (series) it would be The world Marathon Challenge.

Ever because I saw a documentary on the 7 Continents Marathon difficulty years back – I wished to run them all!

It seems sooooo difficult as well as frightening as well as expensive! however I want to.

You understand exactly how you can tell exactly how much I like running? 

One of the races is the Antarctic Marathon. It’s really unpleasant for me to be chilly – my body hurts, my neck gets truly stiff. as well as I still want to do it.

The 7 Continents difficulty is: 7 Marathons on 7 Continents in 7 Days

The 7 continents difficulty marathon races are in order:

Novo (Antarctica)

Cape town (Africa)

مدينة بيرث، استراليا)

Dubai (Asia)

Madrid (Europe)

Santiago (South America)

Miami (North America)

The race has to begin in Antarctica since that’s the one with the most sketchy weather. So the starting date may relocation a bit. when it’s great to go… they run that very first freezing race as well as that’s day 1!

Chime in with your dream Race on Instagram as well as label @RunEatRepeat as well as #PileOnTheMiles

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