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Last night I shown up house to be greeted Ben with a stack of peeled Cuties (those little oranges). I rapidly asked, “What is that all about?” fearing Ben wished to make some type of gross orange smoothie (remember his gatorade as well as strawberry combo?! No, thanks.).

Apparently he got tired over the weekend as well as made up a new game called “Eat an entire cutie in one bite” (okay the name needs work). He challenged me to provide it a try.
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High Achiever – great listen book Review
High Achiever by Tiffany Jenkins book review. quick evaluation of the new memoir of a medication addict’s double life. checked out by the author.

Easy book to listen to while running, eating or whatever else people do.

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Marathon training Day 3


Not one to back down from any type of food associated challenge, I accepted…

I did it, however it was MESSY! The juice sprayed all over – even on Ben taking the picture. I felt defeated, discovered comfort in understanding I will never lose a watermelon eating contest. God’s provided us all different talents

Then, I had to let the master show me exactly how it’s done…

He’s so proud. I don’t understand if that’s adorable or sad.

I just had a short morning shift today as well as ran a few tasks after that.

Then, I satisfied Ben for lunch at a close-by park. Today is as well quite to be inside!

I made salads for both of us as well as grabbed a few snacks to go together with it.

One of the snacks was this bag of unsweetened cherries. I dislike that it’s difficult to discover unsweetened dried fruit. It’s concentrated fruit as well as quite wonderful already! But, these dried cherries are tasty without any type of additives.

While I was out of town Nature Box sent me a box of snacks. I grabbed one of the fig cookies last night.

The business sends one box a month of 4-5 bags of different snacks. This stock had the dried cherries, rice cracker things, granola as well as veggie chips. The range modifications each month.

And since I’m only selfish in genuine life as well as not on the blog, I’m able to share the like with you!

Want to win a box of snacks of ?

To Enter: Leave a comment on this publish with your preferred snack.

Closes Tues. 4/3/12 at noon. available to residents of the us as well as its territories only.

Not feeling lucky? You can utilize the code healthy for 25% off your very first month of membership (please note that the 25% discount rate is only applicable to the month-to-month subscription. 6 month subscriptions get 1 month totally free as well as 12 month subscriptions get 3 months free).

In other news: I got a ton of bug bites from hanging out viewing the race yesterday as well as obviously my body is allergic to Texas bugs. My bites are very inflamed as well as a few colleagues were a bit alarmed as well as told me to go house as well as take some Benadryl since it appeared like I was having an allergic reaction to the bites.

Buuuuttt, the one other time I took Bdryl I promise I felt like my tongue got inflamed as well as I couldn’t breathe.

So, what I’m trying to state is, I may die best now. (And I’m a hypochondriac.)

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