What I’ve Been eating in Florida

There was a birthday party for our nephew yesterday. It was fun and gorgeous outside! 

PSA for fellow pizza lovers: hungry Howie’s Pizza is no bueno.
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Hanging upside down after eating a number of slices of  pizza is especially no bueno. (Ben’s brother got us these leg brace things for Christmas!)

I believe it’s werid that I Lalalove fro-yo a lot more than anything, but I need cake if I’m having ice cream. It’s only right. 

I’ve been in Florida since the 24th now and haven’t been publishing extremely regularly. That’s all fine and well because I’ve just been eating chicken salad and cookies I’m sure you’re busy too.

But, I wished to share what I’ve been eating in Florida…

Breakfast: Egg sandwiches, like always.

Lunch: weird salads that rival whole Foods salad bar because Ben’s mommy has 2 stocked refrigerators! 2.

In between: Carrot Cake and different other baked goods.


But tonight Ben and I went out to dinner with his sibling and brother-in-law. We actually went with them to their birthing center appointment (she’s 6 months along). The timing was funny – it was also the birth center’s open house. Ben asked a ton of concerns – someone’s curious about baby stuff!

I was curious about when my belly would get full but not with a baby…

We started with spring Rolls. I’m not the biggest fan of spring Rolls, but I’m the biggest fan of anything and everything dipped in peanut sauce.

Some people believe the size of these noodle bowls are ridiculous. Some people eat out of bowls this big every day. I believe you know where I stand.

When we got back home I had a bit cake and ice cream. because it’s always someone’s birthday in Florida?

I found this fun – sports Bras versus Speedos…

Tomorrow is our last day in Florida! better take pleasure in it before I have to get back to the real world.

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